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If you must leave, leave happy....

My Daily Reads - Stuff I check every day for interesting new content. Because I'm bored.

Boing Boing - I was a fan of the mid-90s paper version of this magazine, back when computers were for me only a nerd dream and web site unimaginable.
Pitchfork Media - Pretentious? Sure. But if you read it enough, you can be too!
Macrumors, As The Apple Turns - A couple of good interesting sites for mac geeks like myself.
Salon - The only site on the internet worth paying for. Well, almost.

Friend's Sites - Sorry if I forgot to include yours.

Dana - Dana was all "Why the hell don't you link to my site?" and I was all "I don't? Damn, I'm sorry." And then she was all "Well, if you link to mine, I'll link to yours." There, are you HAPPY yet, Dana? - My friend Heather is the crazy/coolest person you'll ever meet, if you're lucky.
Susie Gh. - Totally, absoulely number one in my book. I don't think she knows that, but it's true. She rules.
Hoarse and Buggy - From Josh Fialkov, a man who writes hiaku on the toilet.
Olympus - Mons - My old pal Mat has a great website that kicks mine's ass. As usual.
Linda Pine - I don't talk to Linda enough. She doesn't update her site enough. Even steven. - Home page of THE Matt Griffin. Yeah, that one. Really.
WhiteEyeLid - I officially know three guys named Matt who have web sites. This one talks about movies and he is funny.

Other Gobbledeegook

Tom Has A Posse - A bunch of kids trying to get my old boss hired again. Hopefully, I'm next in line. - I used to run the Soul Coughing website, but it doens't exist anymore. This one still does, and it's better anyways.
Soft Skull Press - An awesome alternative press that used to link to my site because they're nice.
Found Magazine - Stuff found on the ground and elsewhere. Much more fascinating than it sounds.

Opus-Related Links

IMDB - I still don't know how IMDB got information on me. I think they have spy gnomes.

The B-Team - My comedy troupe, which one review deemed "Well worth sitting through." Can there be no higher praise?

My Amazon Wish List - What the hell, it can't hurt. You could buy me stuff and be my best friend.

ThinkGeek Wish List - Also can't hurt. You could buy me stuff and be my best enemy.