Thursday, July 29, 2004


Check it out... my friend Omar wrote and directed a movie called The Final Cut. It's coming out this fall and they've launched a web site. There's not a lot there besides the credits and a poster, but keep an eye out. It's gonna be a good one.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Me On TeeVee Alert!

I know not all of you are getting your reccomended daily allowance of Opus. This can cause bone wobbling and liver malaise. There's only one doctor-reccomended way to remedy this problem: Leeches. Seriously, though, you need to fire that doctor.

But if you'd like a non-bloodsucking cure, it's simple. Tune into the cable channel "SpikeTV" at 1am this Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. There is a show called "MDN" or "Mountain Dew Network" - and I will be appearing on it. Me, and a dog, and a pig, and a llama, and a duck.

Now, I am not saying the show is any good. I haven't seen it, I can't make that claim. I'm sure it's just as good as you'd expect from a comedy/variety show where all the major creative decisions were made by a giant multinational soda company. But I'm pretty sure my segment, called "Chick Magnet", is pretty funny. And it's before the first commercial, so you can go to bed if you want.

So a reminder: 1am, Spike TV, this Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. All the Opus you can eat, with none of the leeches.


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Thursday, July 08, 2004


In regards to the below post, it looks like somebody finally wised up and changed the website for the TV show I just got finished writing for. Before it was a horrible mis-mash of stuff - a site made to look like it was somebody's crappy homepage. It was supposed to be a joke, I'm assuming, but I certainly wasn't laughing.

The new site is much better, which is sort of like saying that a punch in the belly is much better than having your skull crushed by a cinder block. I'm not sure the show is, as the site claims "transforming the boundaries of Late Night TV" but at least this site better reflects the show overall.

And no, before you ask, I'm not on the MDN site naked and covered in whipped cream. That's another site entirely.


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Friday, July 02, 2004

The television show I worked for, MDN, has just launched its staggeringly awful website.

Okay, I get it. The idea is to make it look corny and cheesy - like the sort of awful website some inexperience dude might make. But instead it falls horribly flat, and is painful on every level to look at. It's provides no actual information, and it's attempts at "humor" (where I can detect them) fall horribly flat. Purposefully bad grammar and spelling do not make it any "realer". They just make it stupid.

The show, in case you're wondering, airs at 1am on the SpikeTV network starting on July 10th. It was a comedy/variety show sponsored by Mountain Dew, and it is everything you'd expect from a comedy/variety show sponsored by a giant, soulless soda corporation.

There are some interesting things on the show, and some stuff I'm proud of. But given the complete and utter lack of any advertising on SpikeTV's part, and now this crappy website, I am less and less enthusiastic.

Watch it if you get a chance, let me know what you think.


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